ClickDimensions: What a bug, what a bug..

We use ClickDimensions a lot for marketing automation. It’s a pretty good tool. But today, working with their support, I came across this doozie of a bug.

I had a form that was working fine unless an option set for country was on it.

Here’s what we found – when you create a web form and map it to an option set, it will replace the substring “options” in the field name with “select”. My option set was called “new_countryoptionset” and ClickDimensions failed because internally it thought the field was called “new_countryselectet”. I recreated the field and called it “new_countrypicklist” and it worked fine.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. But if you are having issues with option sets in ClickDimensions keep this in mind.


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